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Riviera FM was r
ecently visited by PeaNuts
all the team wish them luck here on SugaRadio.

Community radio is when local people produce and broadcast their own programs and participate in operating the station. It is community space for people to meet and collaborate. It is extraordinarily fun and often life-changing. It typically leads to individual creativity and self-empowerment. Participants find it extraordinarily satisfying, not just to make radio in this unique fashion, but to also help transform community life.

 Meet the  SugaRadio FM TEAM.

Rodger -  Mike -  Ian -  Steve -  Aza -  Poppy -  Kian -  Jack - Obe - NicNock

Typically community radio staff and key workers are driven by their love of the medium and inspired by the potential to change lives and whole communities. But in the desire to achieve so much, it is all too easy to do too much. Staff and key volunteers will soon find themselves invited to meeting and events every night of the week. It is impossible to do it all. Community radio stations around the country including ours have discovered to their enormous cost that exhaustion and burn-out are real risks, and can lose you the very people who have the most to offer.

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